02 March 2010

reds and blues

the past couple of weeks i have spent my time from 8-2 planning english classes and just getting emotionally prepared for all these kiddies to start rolling in... today... i finished work with red and orange and really multicolored fingertips and and a ridge in my thumb where my kiddie scissors had rested for the day.

today we decorated.

i realized (maybe not for the first time so maybe it was a re-realization) that peruvians are very very creative people. i have seen peruvian friends save food right down to the pineapple skin to make pineapple water... but the creativity doesnt just stop in the kitchen it slips right into the classroom. today we were looking through some bulletin-board-ordering-books that kind of thing to start to decorate the rooms. so when its all been said and agreed that the flowers look pretty and would be super cute in the classroom.... a whole world of scissors, crayons, pens, and every kind of paper that you can imagine opens.

because we didn't order anything from the order books.

we copied onto trace paper and anything that we wanted bigger we made life size. we cut out construction paper and put the puzzle pieces together, drew on facial expressions, then used pastels to accent! it was hard core. and they are pretty beautiful if i do say so myself.

since im living in a country where piracy is pretty much on every street corner, from burned dvds copied music to copied books, im having trouble putting my finger on this one. i think im starting to live in a gray area of judgement about that sort of thing. lets just rename the catalog books idea books? yeah... lets do that.



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