27 February 2010

dear to our hearts... is our alma mater...

okay so thats not UCV's university song... it was Anderson's BUT UCV's does sound something like a barney song in the beginning.. and NO ONE knows it (the words to the song that is)

Julton has been in the university since he was 16.... now hes 24... and hes still not finished!
getting a degree in peru is quite a complicated process... the year before last he spent the year writing his thesis, which he and his partner presented to a board of doctors... and they passed! then... for one year he was in his internship (last year) which means that he spent every waking and non waking minute in the hospital working. he barely slept. and i barely saw him conscious. he finished along with the new year... and this year is starting his work at the clinic.

although he still has to finish his residency... he graduated last night!!! it was a very very exciting time. Theres just a sense of accomplishment that you can't find anywhere but in a starchy black gown and point hat. Then theres the huge diploma with lots of signatures :)

Now we just have to wait for him to get his title... then to get his colegiatura... which is a special number that he can put on his special stamp to prove his license to put on all those prescriptions that hes going to be writing. I'm very proud of him :) God has been blessing us so much! We both have jobs, we have our apartment, and we will be married in a month!!!



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