10 February 2010

when it rains...

the street vendors start selling umbrellas... the kids stop throwing water balloons at each other and passing strangers...your feet get DIRTY...and the streets look like canals.

except for this one.

This picture actually makes things look like they should when things have been rained on, all new and clean and fresh. when in actuality... its pretty disgusting to go out in. I usually love the rain and had been telling julton that I had been missing it.

then it rained.

and i said i take that back. because trujillo is a dirty city... and i do mean dirt dirty. take a walk or a few steps outside and come back with your feet covered in layers of grossness. and there arent any drainage spots in the roads... so all the water just sits until the sun comes back out to dry it up.and when the sun comes back, boy does it come back with a vengeance. go out for a walk in the rain and come back really dirty, go out for a walk in the sun the day after and come back with scorched skin.

it also means that water starts to come into our not-ready-for-rain rooves. oops!



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