31 January 2010

hay queso alla?

well there you have it, that picture is officially one year and 2 days old. the day i started eating meat again and the proof that i wasnt hiding it in my mouth.

who would have thought that that day would come? and who would thought that the day would come (today) when i would just wish that i could eat some meat?

ive been sick the past few days and i havent been able to eat anything... well i take that back. after the first 18 hours of being sick and my medicine kicking in i though i would get all big and bad and eat some macaroni and cheese... and pizza. ohh the combination and oh my poor poor stomach. well that combo ended up on julton's shirt later.... when we realized that i was sicker than we thought. which led to a night of sonia holding hot cloths on my head to lighten the -worst ive EVER had in my life- migraine, katy putting cold cloths everywhere else to try to get my fever to go down.. and julton on standby ready with the needle to give me an injection of whatever doctors give injections of to make fevers go down. i felt like a little girl, and i ended up with the injection. boo. but it helped my fever.

that next day i had gillian and jamesson get me some won ton soup from our favorite chinese place, where the owners cant speak any spanish and are always yelling at the waiters and the waiters are always rolling their eyes and shaking their heads and probably wishing that the owners would just learn the language. their employees lives have to be pretty stressful, but it is quite entertaining to eat there. especially the day that julton tried to motion to the waiter to bring the check but the owner caught his hand motion and mimickingly did the same as julton right before he aggressively threw his hands in the air for us to come to him instead. if that gives you any idea.

well all i have gotten to eat has been that soup in the past few days so tonight i was pretty dang hungry. i went down to the bodega where i payed 4 soles (a litle more than 1 dollar) for pasta tomatoes onion garlic and cheese to make some pasta back home. i havent been around the bodega much since i came back from christmas...

so of course i just assumed the produce guy weighing the tomatoes was asking me if i went to the us for christmas... but he mumbled (which they always do i dont get it remember the chicken incident?) so after he said "theyre expensive there right?" i assumed he had been asking me if there was cheese in the us. because i forgot that the only conversations we ever have are if there are apples in the united states and i bet they are more expensive. or the cheese. or whatever item im buying (or not buying) that day. i guess our relationship hasnt progressed into him actually answering como estas? and asking it in return. oh well, back to the apples for now.



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