15 January 2010


It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing
can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.

- Chaos Theory

i just realized how much i appreciate small things. i think i stopped thinking about how much i appreciate them. but you know? the small things are just as deserving of appreciation and credit as the big things.

i appreciate the girl in greenville sc... who after dealing with me coming back and forth through the dressing room and making her life busy putting unwanted or unfitting clothing back for me... (i had a system though, i felt bad... you know those people that just try on everything in the store? well... at least i only went to the dressing room one rack at a time...that doesnt make sense.? eh) in a store where normally the girls working there are snoooty toootie and not in a fruitie kind of way. (they size up your wardrobe and deam you either worthy or unworthy... can you guess what side i always fell on?) she chose to be super nice to me. she was super sweet and struck up a conversation about my necklace then told me all about her etsy site where she sells her own jewelry. i think we must have been friends in a past life.

i also really appreciate the girl that boosted my self esteem after i sleeply had a conversation ordering coffee and going through the where are you from what are you doing here life story in 3 minutes GO! by telling me that my spanish was good :) she just started out my night better than just a coffee could have done.

i also appreciate that delta decided to start offering more movie options on their planes. i really appreciate that. i watched Adam... a movie i fell in love with, on my plane today.



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