23 December 2009

24...11...13... its all the same anyway right?

this christmas peru/ga/sc/tn/wv trip story... is made possible by an incredibly hilarious 7 year old i met last week.

Gillian and I had gone to visit our awesome friend Baily (recently married Congratulations!) which is where the magic happen.

After I asked the kid running around on the floor his age... a few times... his older cousin looks up to answer for him and says "oh hes two" i said oh fun, and how old are you? ...i didnt know the weight of what i was asking...

he shyly looks back and tosses his head along with his eyes inot the back of his head and says... 7!
then looks very oh so very seriously at me with this intent look on his face and says "how old are YOU?"
i laugh and gillian speaks up and says... older than you!
the 7 year old laughs to himself and says huh... i thought youwere 11! and his older brother speaks up and says i thought she was 13!

everyone had their laugh.... and throughout the night and the 7 year old repeatedly crawled up under the coffee table where i was sitting to stick his head out and practice his crazy faced tongue out 7 year old flirting techniques on me. it was quite hilarious. he never heard my real age... i think he still thinks im 11...



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