05 November 2009

"Yuly! kathia viene a las 6!!!!"

thats what i heard from my 2 year old friend mois today as he wheeled up to me on his plastic pedal 'motor' car to tell me that my 17 year old friend kathia was coming back at 6 oclock.
...in that moment it was 6:13.

ha! then he told me the numbers 1-10 in english before he wheeled happily back across the park. his mom tells me that he started speaking and walking before he turned one, i believe her. he also sings michael jackson when its on the radio. cant you just picture a two year old curly headed kid singing "BILLY JEAN ISH NO MUH LUUVA" yeah, hes for real. no, hes not up for adoption, hes got an awesome and loving family taking care of him and supplying him all his michael jackson needs. and when hes willing, im going to be around to encourage that interest in english. i'm so thankful im still around (living in peru) to experience being a part of this kids life. his familys for that matter. i dont know how i didnt know what i was missing.

a month or so ago remember when i told you all the gory details of my volleyball fail? it was a super fail. but i kept going back. i felt that pull, you know that feeling? something whispering into your decision making cells 'just go' so i just went. that first time kathias mom asked me when i would be back, i figured it was because they wanted to make fun of my volleyball skills lack of ability to send the volleyball anywhere near the right direction. but i was wrong. a couple days later i went back like i said i would (and i heard someone say "look when she says she will be here... shes here!") we struggled through a game of volley... and after kathias mom invited me into the house. we at some 'pudding' which is more like a cake made out of lots of milk sugar and bread.. and popped open an inka cola that im pretty sure they sell and dont often drink. and we just enjoyed each others company while the girls were doing their homework. a few nights later i went again but no one was playing volleyball but i got the experience the joy of mois' company.

ive been going back a couple times a week since then... today there was a more than serious game going on on the other side of the park that i did not even dare to enter, especially since i didnt see my friend. so i hung out with her 9 year old niece instead and her two friends.. and learned that ive got a long way to go to learn how to jump some rope. some kind of electrical cord at that, whatever it is we jump... ive got some skills to find. quick, cause the 9 year olds show me up. they sing some kind of song about being married being single blah blah blah 1 2 3 .. i dont know how it goes. i'll get back to you on that one.

i saw angie's (the nine year old) mom after not having run into her in a few months, and she invited me over for some aji de gallina (one of my favorite dishes!) one day soon... im going over to meet up with angie on sunday morning because shes going to accompany me to church then i accompany her to sunday school.... kathia didnt come back before i left but i'm sure i will see her very soon. (she and angie called me the other day to very excitedly sing me happy birthday... it was a great moment, possibly the best of the day)

overall how have i been lately you might ask me?
ive been doing really well i would reply. and thats the truth.



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