03 November 2009

holes and threads

Dear Karrie:

Remember how you had to force me to buy these pants? I remember looking for months with you for a pair something like this... and probably after getting really tired of hearing me say that "they dont make them for me" we found this pair... that fit better than others... and even though I fought it... they wound up in my shopping bag. Well now... like what 3 years later? They are my favorites. They are my comfort jeans. My Saturday jeans. Why Saturdays? Because I don't have to teach on Saturdays (you know the whole image thing). But there is youth group on Saturdays... so... the youth group crowd probably thinks its the only pair that I own. ha

Today's not Saturday (it's Tuesday) but I'm wearing them... cause I cancelled my night class because of a day long migraine party in my head. Thus the continued use of the name comfort jeans. And every time I wear them, I think of you. So I think of you every Saturday... plus the spontaneity of today.
I also think of you every time I look at the Mere Christianity book that I borrowed from you and forgot to give back then moved to another country thus lessening the odds of return. Although I'm pretty sure you have another copy now, my goal is for that book to make my suitcase weight limit at Christmas this year.

Dear Karrie: I miss you.



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