17 November 2009


i caved.
my dear and trusted splash has been disappointing me. we bonded several times over me taking in a huge stuffed and spilling smelly laundry basket and leaving with a seemingly vacuumed packed bag of clean clothes. they saved me from entering the world of washing the clothes myself... and since we have a washer but not the proper conditions to set it up it remains in its box not washing anything but collecting its appropriate dust... it saved me from washing my clothes by hand.
but a few trips ago our relationship started to come to an unhealthy end.
tags. with numbers. and staples. TWO staples on a pinky sized tag attached anywhere on your clothing even if you tell them not to, which if you dont remove immediately i promise you that you will find inconveniently another time. i had a discussion with the storefront lady that calls me July in a way that sounds more like Gillian which confuses me incredibly. but the next time they were there again... just waiting to start holes which would tear fabric and ensure a one day unpleasant and embarrassing experience after continued happenings. what happens if you leave the little green stapled tag into your clothes? when you get your clothes back you find a purple one accompanying it but in another place. my final straw? the last time that i went, then found dust bunney lines and fuzz all over my clothes. i said goodbye. actually we are working on it... and by working on it i mean they will probably still be seeing my jeans. but today it began. the long journey into washing your clothes by hand. and learning that you need to wake up early to get to the water before it runs out for the day. at least its cheaper. 1.80 soles buys me my bar of soap. the rest? all in my arms ha.

you know what stinks? washing all your socks then dropping them on the dusty top floor where the line is which doesnt have a roof. THAT is unproductive.

since jeans are trecherous to try to wash by hand... i think splash might still get a little business from me, i havent completely decided yet. but as for now... im spending my mornings with a bar of soap.



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