21 November 2009

jump the rope

the guys young and old talking over motorcycles -getting their hands dirty or just admiring the rest, babies being walked around the park by their proud mommas, grandmas watching from their spots near the doors of their homes as they sit and crochet, at least two games of volley going on on both sides of the park and kids mimicking each game nearby, young girls and guys playing volley, kids running around on scooters or chasing them, juice boxes, neighbors keeping talley with a piece of chalk or brick on the sidewalk of the game, jump rope, nets thrown across streets to play volley, widows open and watchers from the windows, the buying and selling of that evenings bread, music and laughter, mazamorra morada, arroz con leche, preteens half flirting half beating each other up...

all a part of the neighborhood i spend time in twice a week. practicing my volleyball skills, my jump rope skills, and just getting to know a community.

soltera casada viuda divorciada
con hijos sin hijos no puedo vivir
con uno... con dos... con tres...

in case you happen to find yourself playing jump rope with some spanish speakers... try to wow them with this rhyme.



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