21 April 2012

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Oh, life.

The past several months we have gone from...
coast to jungle to countryside.
mild heat to extreme take several showers a day heat to bitter cold.
surrounded by friends and transplanted family to surrounded by family to surrounded by family and building new friendships.
scared of the future and holding onto the present to speeding through the present to clinging to memories and making new ones.

I miss my ESL students like crazy but love the little kids that I get to hang out with now.
Julton misses the clinic like crazy but loves the next step in life that studying 8-10 hours a day for an exam is going to bring him. 

Oh, life.

new t-shirts and a 2nd anniversary

Today it is pouring rain, lightly. If that is possible to imagine. And I love that it is just warm enough to sit slightly bundled on a porch swing just out of the rain's reach. With coffee.

But I still find myself feeling bittersweet because half of me wishes to be beachside eating ceviche just out of the ocean's reach. With Cusqueña.

                                                                              Source: piccsy.com via Julie on Pinterest



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