09 March 2012

A laugh, a smile, a hug.

So, there's this boy.

And he's so cute.

For the longest time he called me ha...ha...HA! with a smile and a sparkle in his eye. I didn't realize that I laughed enough around him for him to associate that with my name. Now he calls me by my name and I love to hear the way he says it. He's the kind of kid that you just want to hug and not let go. And send a hug with him for good measure. But he doesn't really like to be touched. He likes to do things in his own, unique way. That gets messy but you realize you don't know how to fix the messiness without making him very upset. Then you wonder just how much of the messiness needs to be fixed. He has no idea how big of a smile he gives my heart. Even if he did just manage to get ricotta filled lasagna on top of my freshly washed hair.

I got used to him not wanting me to hug him as much as I wanted to give him a hug.

Then today as I was sitting in a rocking chair it happen. He came up and crawled up into and curled up in my lap. And it was just me and him and the ABC song as he sang broken pieces of it to himself. Then after a short few minutes passed he, content, walked away still singing the ABC's and I sat there with a heart more shocked and thankful that he was willing to share a little piece of himself with me than he will ever know. 

He decided that he needed a hug so he took one, and I had no idea how much I needed a hug, but received one. 

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