02 February 2012

groundhog day? groundhog day.

Something quite mind blowing has happen. I'm working with kids. And I am enjoying it!

Now if you know me at all, you know that it's not that I don't like kids or have something against them... but at least my first choice on where to spend 8 hours out of my day would not be with a bunch of children. 

But alas, I had the opportunity to work at a daycare/preschool. And here I am , spending eight hours a day being spit up on, rocking babies and changing diapers, holding toddlers hands as they learn to walk, and helping after school kids with their homework. 

And it is all working out really well. If you can imagine me feeding and rocking one baby while bouncing two others with my feet on bouncers... that's how my week has gone. Some of the kids don't notice me, and some of the kids are in love with me. And I love each of them. In just a couple of weeks. I think some monumental bridge has been crossed. Officially. I realized it a few days ago when it wasn't so scary to change a diaper. Then again yesterday when I was helping a little boy learn to eat his cereal. Then it really set in today when I got to help a few kids with their homework and their English. The place I am working is probably one of the only places in our area with a concentration of kids that don't speak English at home. And even though I don't speak their languages either, (I haven't found one yet that speaks Spanish) when I told them about how lots of people called me July instead of Julie in Peru, they looked at me with big eyes that made me think they thought I could understand them. And then they taught me how to really pronounce their names and let me help them understand their homework. 

I've made myself agree to work on not showing them too much special attention though. Even if they make me feel giddy and at home and not lost, I don't think the other kids would understand that. 

Today one of the kids was very skeptical about a groundhog having a day and him deciding if we were going to have Spring or Winter and why everyone was so excited about it and him having to color a picture about it. I tended to agree with him but I tried not to let on. 



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