01 October 2011


We have a favorite cafe. And they don't sell coffee. Juices. Every kind of juice possible, and its beautiful. And quite tasty. And only 2 blocks from our front door. Perfect.

We used to sit in this place all the time drinking juices and eating sandwiches with friends... then we realized almost every one of those friends have moved to Lima or the US. And also that it had been A YEAR since we had possibly stepped foot inside the door. Pathetic. 

So we started that tradition back up again. Even though we still miss our friends. You know how there are some ( a lot) of things that you can make at home that taste just as good as, if not better than you buy in the restaurant ? This is not the case. I don't think it would matter if the barrista came to our home and threw the fruits in the blender in our kitchen, it would still taste better there. They've recently expanded and redecorated their menu with lots of fun nutritional facts about fruits. And they've got a TV where we can watch Al Fondo Hay Sitio. A Peruvian television show,er, soap opera. That nearly everyone in Peru watches. 


Gillian said...

She's BAAACK!!

And is the La Buena Pulpa? I miss that place only slightly less than I miss Jamesson!

Julie said...

Of course it's La Buenaaa pulpaaaa!!!
The one and only.


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