28 October 2011


I love these girls. Last week we practiced Aerosmith songs to prepare for the Aerosmith concert on Saturday night in Lima. Some of my students from different classes traveled to Lima to see them. So we practiced lots of especially "don't wanna miss a thing" which by the way Aerosmith, NOT COOL that you DIDN'T play it. NOT COOL. When you go to a foreign country to sing your music, artists should send a playlist ahead of them so that ESL students can practice the appropriate songs. 

Also not cool that you weren't very polite to my friends that traveled all the way to Lima to see you, along with all the other people in the crowd. I think the newspaper must have been misguided or told to praise you for your performance, but I heard what really went down. That for your encore you only played one song and then you didn't even say goodbye. Or if you said good bye it was short and not sweet and not heard. That no one knew you were actually finished until the lights came on and the speakers were being taken down. Again, not cool. Or polite. And it's been said that Bon Jovi was nicer. And Metallica cooler. I wasn't there but I'm just sayin'. 

*I don't usually get like that on here but... I was really excited for my students that worked so hard to go to the concert and sing the songs they worked on and loved! And disappointed that they came back home disappointed. 



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