11 June 2011


welcome to class:

I have not been posting much lately. I have however been... making pancakes and eating them with students early in the morning during class in their office. We've been learning phrases like "let bygones be bygones" and "everything but the kitchen sink" which is what they told me this morning when I starting taking out plates and pancakes and coffee and mugs from my large bag. 

But I have not only been eating pancakes. Although I have been drinking a lot of coffee. I'm slowly building up my tolerance again. Because I have had a lot of meetings. Recently I took on the position of Academic Coordinator for our business instead of only teaching full time. And until I find replacements for my classes, I am doing both of those jobs together. I'm enjoying the new things I get to do. Interview and train new teachers, interview and place new clients in classes, design their classes and keep up communication between everyone. So lots of meetings in English and Spanish, as well as hours behind a computer screen. I'm learning just how squinty my eyes can get, remembering how much I hated math in school...and still do, and realizing that I should probably get glasses/adjust the ones I have.

So, until soon because I promise to try to post more often... I leave you with this: 

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