11 May 2011

roses are red.

my students are too good to me, they spoil me, even in the midst of me trying to do a good deed for them they one up me.

since this past weekend was Mother's Day, I knew that my students that have flowershops, would be quite busy. and as on that last day of class, they listed all they had to do, and the 36 hours they had to be up putting together orders and shipping them out... i started planning. so that when they were out of the office on a business trip i slipped back into the office and planned with a colleague, a surprise for them. These two students in particular have always been really good to me, and have nearly spoiled me. They invite me to breakfast and coffee, are incredibly understanding and learn fast. Basically they are the greatest. So for this holiday I wanted to do something for them. At 4 AM Saturday night Julton and I took a taxi over to where they were staying up all night putting together mother's day flower arrangements and surprised them with late night coffee. They were surprised to see me, if not even more surprised to see Julton "but you woke up your husband???" They were working hard away, a group of about 15 of them, putting together flowers. Roses to be exact, long stemmed. 

We spent a little while there chatting while they drank their coffee, then it was back home to sleep for the two of us, while they had to continue working. A couple of days later in class we were all laughing about it and talking about the weekend... when a box of roses came in the door. They sat it down on the desk, and commented that they were for me, but I didn't believe them because at the moment they were laughing (they are always laughing). But as I was leaving the office for the day, they followed me saying 'don't forget your flowers!' and handed me a card that said 

"Gracias por tu apoyo Julie"
(Thanks for your support Julie)

it's going to be hard to give these students up one day!



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