18 April 2011

like the wind

This morning you have dressed in happiness
like everyday since I've seen you walk
always fighting in this mediocrity
always rising above those that want to put you down.

I am loving this song, since... today when I found it, quite randomly acutally. I love the instruments and the rythm, and the fact that its a fun 'love' song without being a sappy ballad that gets played to death :D I hope that you enjoy it to!

Actually, there were some words in the song that I didn't understand so well, and wasn't sure if they were scandelous or not, because the translation good have gone either way. But thanks to a friend I am happy that it is drama free.


Gillian said...

Not to be confused with Patrick Swayze's timeless hit "She's like the wind"

Julie said...

certainly not.


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