01 April 2011

1 year

my heart is currently (still) on vacation, on a little quiet beach just outside mancora - a popular tourist/surf beach a 9 hour bus ride to the north of Peru. even though we arrived tuesday morning and i have had plenty of time to get back into my Trujillo routine, i'm just not there yet.  we have lots of great memories from our honeymoon (we couldn't taken one when we married)/ first anniversary (i can't believe its already been a year!)/vacation. lots of...

 dancing by beautiful sunsets...
 many long walks on the beach (when i could pull Julton away from the directv, ha!)...
 and eating incredibly delicious food.

we didn't really do a whole lot the whole 4 days that we were there... lots of sleeping and eating with not much change but location. and it was fantastic. the ocean was so blue, and so big, all we could see from left to right. there weren't even that many people there since this past week is awkwardly between tourist season and easter. we pretty much had the place to ourselves. with the exception of a couple of families that came for a day... i noticed that the mom would not stop staring at us, with such a disapproving look on her face. i looked around at us back at her and at us and our surroundings again and couldn't figure out what was going on with her. ... until i remembered later that we don't look our age (even when our real age is young to be married in peru) so the lady probably thought that we were a couple of teenagers that had ran away with our parents credit cards! 

i am very thankful to have had that time away with my husband, and to have Julton to call my husband. it has been a good year, and we are very blessed. Julton's dad was visiting when we got back to Trujillo and he told me that he thought our schedules were too busy and that we should get away at least once a month to spend time together. hmmm 

and here's a little video of the view from where we stayed, well, outside of where we stayed..



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