22 February 2011

a valentine's day post part 2

I love each of my students... it's so incredible the connection that you can have or the things you can learn about someone through teaching them another language. These are pictures of a few of my students showing off what they did for Valentine's Day. The couple in the top picture have a flower shop, explaining why they worked so much... then slept... or had chanpagne, but at 11 pm. They worked the day and night before Valentine's Day through the day and night of. Without sleep. I can't imagine... 

One of those pictures is the view from our office window, on the eighth floor of an apartment building. It's an incredible view, and the picture does it no justice.

I love my time with these people, and I love them letting me into their lives. I learn so much about them and their lives and life in general, their kind of work and spanish and their country/towns... they have no idea how much they actually teach me instead. 



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