27 January 2011


zanax turns out to be the name that stayed with her (sorry mom!)
shes makes our home a little more peaceful lively and at times crazy. she knows that shes not supposed to sleep in our bed but she sneaks in when she can, especially since when i was sick and julton felt sorry for me and her both, resulting in her getting used to it. she sits on my lap when i work at the computer, she plays at my feet when i cook, she tries to scale the tapestry in the living room, carries around a catnip fish everywhere she goes (which is probably the reason shes scaling the tapestry... and probably the reason she likes to chill in her litter box... which i completely don't get... at all.) and i'm getting the impression that she understands when i'm about to leave the apartment, because in the precise moment that i start to walk to the door is when she decides its time to play... attacking my calves but not too fierce, then stopping to stare as if she's saying ' what do you mean you would prefer to go out in that world than to sit here and play with meee?' 

and she still likes having her picture taken.



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