20 November 2010

for warmth

I am so excited about this, I had to say something here too. I wrote on my other blog more about the subject, but I just had to share this here too, because I am so excited! I remember one of the churches I went to in college, had a crochet group.. and as an effort to be more involved with the church I joined... to say the least, I was the youngest! But it was a great time. This project reminds me of that time with that group of ladies each Thursday.
Lands End partnered up with the Foundation, Warm Up America. ( I say in the past because they have recently ended their project) The passed out their yarn to groups of knitters and crocheters, along with selected patterns, the knitters/crocheters used the yarn to make squares.. mailed their squares in and they were made into blankets to be passed out to families in need of a little extra warmth! As I was reading about their project I could feel my fingers tingling wanting to be a part of it all. I think it's such a great, thoughtful idea. This company willing to donate the yarn, and giving it to individuals to make in their home, then create blankets with it! I just love it! It makes me want to start that project here for next winter! It's certainly an idea...



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