26 August 2010

a thesis

before: two college law students preparing to make their final educational speech... waiting for the 'judges'... putting the final tweaks on the powerpoint... an hoping that dad doesnt walk through the door to make things more nervewracking...

after: two legally authentic lawyers happily relieved that the that final hour is over with their very proud father :)

yesterday Jultons sisters presented their thesis at their university for their title to be lawyers. they spent the past year preparing their paper and presentation, and yesterday before three professors (and myself and another friend) they presented their thesis. and they did a superb job. well, from what i understood. there was a lot of lawyer jargon im not sure that i would have even understood if it had been in english. but they must have done a good job, because afterward it didnt take the professors long to meet to decide that they passed!
this is a random photo from the university.... that totally tricked kenedy and i as we were walking in to watch the girls present. its actually just a piece of propaganda for the school about how you can 'reach' your goals if you study there... upon walking in kenedy said hey look at that guy... and as we got closer and closer i kept saying but kenedy... hes not moving.... and as we climbed 4 flights up and got a little closer we saw that it was actually a doll strung to the building... hmmm



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