04 June 2010

sit down

after a hard long... long week. im finally sitting down in satisfaction that its done. actually, i think that long hard week started last thursday, so today is long overdue. God is teaching me SO much patience in my job. and in the moment when i think ive learned enough, he piles it on thicker. from the child thats like the little leader of the class whom leads the class into chaos to printer issues that meant handwriting new materials for the week for 70 kids.... amongst other random things coming up, i was really trying to reassure God that i knew the definition of patience and i was really trying to employ it. i heard? ...try harder. every time i feel like i am just about to step foot on top of the mountain that is being on top of my work.... something else gets unexpectedly thrown at me and pushes me down a few feet. bah. but God never gives us more than we can handle. and thankfully i have a really great and understanding husband to help me out. from helping out designing homework for kids to being my counselor, to washing dishes and getting excited about having a vacuum to finally clean our carpet...to knowing when to tell me to rest when i refuse to, hes been there for me this week and i have greatly, oh so greatly appreciated it. i have only been able to think that the timing God gave us for our wedding was oh so perfect, i dont think i could have handled this week as sanely unmarried. the big guy knows what hes doing :D

theres a little boy at school... not one of my students too old (hes 6) that well, hes havig a hard time. weve been in school since april, and he still crys and crys and doesnt want to leave his mom or dads side, wants them to go to class with him. and its not just in the morning, he continues asking for them all day. i sat with him for a little while today, still crying at 2 oclock. i wanted to say you know what? my week was bad too... lets just go find our mommies. but instead we talked about our parents and he couldnt believe that i was okay with mine being so far away even though i miss them. and he tried to understand when i was explaining to him that it was a good thing that his parents could go to work so that they could take care of him. i cant help but think the words 'bless his heart'

well, after that week... here i am at almost 5 pm and ive finally finished everything to sit down and take some comfort in relaxing on a couch... eating an embarrassingly large bowl of comfort food (pasta + butter + garlic... you cant go wrong) for lunch, letting felicity load on surfthechannel (i never watched that show when it was actually airing on tv i have no idea why its been so appealing to me recently) and listening to a mix that goes from vertical herizon to john mayer to jack johnson to sugar ray to oar to panic at the disco ? well, its my comfort mix.
doing all that while i wait for that great husband to come home from his day so that we can start our weekend!!!

i hope that you too are sitting down to something comforting on this friday afternoon. be it whatever it be, i hope you enjoy it and know that God never leads us or gives us too much. He always gives us just enough to keep us on our toes. And keep us calling his name. I'm sure that after a week of 'help me' hes ready to hear a 'thank you'

Thank You God, for a hard but accomplished week. For loving me and taking care of me, and for listening to me complain in the midst of it even when you know its for my good but I dont see the good. I will praise your name.

I will praise your name, forever.
Alabaré tu nombre por siempre.



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