05 June 2010

makes me happy

although ive gotten lots of other more things done today that were perhaps more housewifeish, on this saturday i also got a lot of web surfing in... and through browsing craftgawker i found a blog that made a post about things that made her happy and at the end wrote for others to do the same. usually i dont participate in those things... but since i like to randomly make lists like that for myself anyway, i took it on. so here's my list, a random, this week list, because i just might decide to do it every week :)

one: my husband!

and his ability to let me take a million pictures of him

that we are just the right kind of weird for each other

and that he doesnt bring me flowers.... he brings me bubbles! :)
(although i do like the occasional flower.....dont want to give that wrong impression)

two: that i put this song on a playlist that i play for my 5 year olds as they are working on their english work at school.... jejejeje.... and that it was the song we walked into our reception with.

three: homemade hand ground peanut butter. with garlic. and the company kept in the process.

four: the fact that we have a blender now and i can grind up my favorite coffee that i have been hoarding for an embarrassing amount of time... french presses... and my favorite mug from cajamarca.
five: the origami heart that julton made for me (from a video off you tube, and took him 45 minutes...) while we were dating that he wrote Jeremiah 29:11 on with a note inside too. (that parts a secret of course!)

well, there are five things that bring a smile to my face this week :)


Jess said...

Ohh, what a sweet post!! So glad to see the things that make you happy - your husband sounds like such a sweetie!

Jess :)


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