10 May 2010

a flutist

one of our neighbors practices his flute everyday. well what i thought was every afternoon at about 3. because right about that time everyday we could hear the sound of the same song floating up the side of the building through our windows.

today i figured out its not just at 3. since im not at school today, ive heard that its actually quite often throughout the day. and he/she does know more than one song. actually he knows peru's national anthem pretty well.

makes you wonder, how old is he/she? and why do they play a flute ALL day long. and why do they play specific songs at specific hours?

a couple weeks ago giacamo (who is 12) asked us if we knew all the people in our building yet. he asked us like it was the smallest thing in the world to accomplish and why hadn't we done it already? the innocence in the voice of his question kept us both pretty quiet. today im thinking maybe we should be getting to know our neighbors.



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