17 May 2010

black cherry kool-aid.

hello small packet of concentrated juice and or hair dye, whichever road you might choose.

Gillian sent us a package and it had kool-aid in it! kool-aid is actually something that i never really thought about missing. but once we had it and we were drinking it for lunch i realized that i did. we don't really have things like that here in peru. its more common to get a natural fresh made juice. which are great, but every now and then its nice to have something so instant. :)


Gillian said...

Try to get a picture of Julton with a Kool-aid mustache.

Julie said...

ps hermes tried the pink lemonade today -hes a fan. and he asked me if i was giving it to my students. i quickly said NOO! he looked at me like whaaaayyyy not? and i said... i have 80 students!!! they dont get the koolaid. haha

Julie said...
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