25 May 2010


this one is for you Gillian.

so i love that on our way home from church we can just make a quick stop and buy something like... an avocado... to complete the meal that we are about to make for lunch. theres always a lady (or man) with a stand selling fruit or veggies or drinks or cookies or newspapers... or just about anything. or someone selling stuff from their doorstep... or a man (usually not a woman) walking down the sidewalk with a wheel barrow selling fruit or veggies... or a man (again usually not a woman.. but sometimes...) riding a bicycle rigged cart announcing fruits or bread or fan parts... wait what? yeah, just about anything. so what im saying is. if you are dreaming about avocado in the sermon that you should be listening to, odds are good that you can walk outside and cash in your dream.

sooo a couple sundays ago julton and i were going to make some food and we decided we wanted some avocado. great idea.

so we were walking... passed by a fruit stand that was too busy and stopped to visit a lady that is ALWAY there, on larco near the university. i never see anyone there buying from her. hmmm
should ahve been a clue.

so we stopped and asked how much the avocados were. un sol joven. ok, perfect, now to look for the perfect one for our lunch.... or at least just one thats ripe enough to eat.

julton picks up an avocado.... starts to look it over anndd.....

"dont pick up the avocodoooos"

Julton: "what?"

"don't pick up all the avocados!!!! (angry) pick one up, and if you dont like it put it back!!!"

Julton looks at me and says uhmm how are we supposed to know if its ripe?

me: good question. i dont know.

Julton: ok gracias seƱora. y chau.

we bought from someone else. someone that let us touch the avocados.


Gillian said...

oh...to hear the sweet sounds of any Street Vendor with his Fisher Price PA system selling whatever deliciosa fruta of the day...


P.s. If you are slightly dyslexic at 11:17pm, Fan Parts might look like Pan Farts.

P.s.s. Just to clarify, that didn't happen to me. I can read.

P.s.s.s ok fine. It happened. I can't read.


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