21 April 2010


yesterday: i fell asleep thinking i would wake up in enough time to make up for not taking a shower by taking a shower early in the morning before work.

today: i woke up with just enough time to A) make coffee and toast B) take a shower or C) sleep ten minutes longer.
i suppose ive matured a little because i didnt choose C. and apparently i'm married or its starting to get cold in trujillo in the mornings, too cold to take cold showers because you dont have enough time to wait for the water heater to warm, because i didn't choose B. that just leaves A. so you know how important coffee is to me or someone that eats breakfast with me. and its pretty important to me, yes, more important than showering. maybe i need a to-go mug.

today: i searched out the bag of headbands i hadnt tried to use with our school uniforms yet.

today: little fabiana told me that i was pretty. actually she said "mees Yuli, tu eres bonita" and I said... fabiana... you come here and give me a hug while a tear falls onto the top of your innocent little head.



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