14 March 2010

bread of life

other than the fact that Julton wears my old Tshirts better than I do... we noticed something about an old RUF shirt the other day... as we were in line to check out of the grocery store... which Julton will gladly explain that we waited in the longest line (because the store was closing..) to buy... three potatoes. three potatoes! anyway thats not the point. the point is that a family got in line behind us with an accent I or Julton couldn't identify, something kind of like french maybe?, then the father started speaking English to his son... and I realized that he was actually reading the back of Julton's shirt to his son... "I am the bread of life..." "well son.. he thinks he's the bread of life.." i didnt know what to say, i assumed he would read the verse and realize that it was from the bible... but as we were walking down the street I looked at the back of the shirt... and it was missing the reference. oops! so... this family thinks that Julton thinks he is the bread of life...



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