28 December 2009


they look so pretty when i sleep.
-jack johnson

ive been scavenging through my old room tonight.


lots of things i forgot and things i wished i had forgotten. i practically burst of giggles when i found the box of fun patterned blankets and tapestries that i had forgotten about. it was like christmas round two. i never knew i could have so much emotional attachment to things i picked up at thrift stores, put in boxes and picked up a year and a half later.

i found lots of pictures, lots of just random things... the boots im surpirsied my mom hasnt thrown out yet... my grandma's (that has passed on) bag of makeup that still smells like her... rings i hid because i was afraid to take them to peru for fear theyd be stolen...

art journals and scrapbooks i never wanted to call scrapbooks that reminded me of even more, and made me smile ear to ear... i dont know why i stopped doing that. i used to save every little receipt, card, letter, piece of scrap paper, i mean everything and then put them into old school photo albums. i should start doing that again. sad part is that now so many things are electronic plus i dont exactly live in a convenient distance to receive many paper things.

i even found the girls! i refer to the girls as a couple of pictures i drew in college. my first day of classes, calculus scared me out of a business major and into art. i spent a semester in that and still have some fun stuff. the girls are special to me, even though one is sunburnt from an unfortunate car ride experience with too much sun.

ToWriteLoveOnHerArms ....the shirt karrie got me ages ago, (it feels like) its so going back with me. who doesnt need to be a little scene every now and then? my point exactly:

im trying to make sure i grab some things to take with me to peru... its hard to tell when will be the next time i get to dive into those boxes again!



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