27 November 2009

todo cambio

yesterday was Julton's birthday. he likes to remind me that I'm a month -older- than him. that one won't go away will it? i figured not. he sleepily turned 24 yesterday. i had been trying to plan with his sisters, something special for him. it was hard! first i had to lay down my own inhibitions because i am shy and prefer to stay away from crowds, but he likes the big group stuff. so... a birthday party it is we planned. and oh we had a plan. well. yesterday morning i began making the cake... and later in the day went in search of movie tickets and tongue depressors. okay we had a plan for the tongue depressors, we were going to have everyone write words about julton on them, then use them to make a picture frame later for a big group pic we were going to take. well that plan bombed when i found out that i could only buy a pack of 5 HUNDRED for 30 soles. granted thats only 10 dollars, its been a year since i was in the states and hearing 30 soles sounds more like a weeks worth of transportation or about 7 and a half lunches, sooo the tongue depressors didnt make it to the party. and... the movie i was planning to take him to didnt start until the day AFTER. and the icing didnt set quite right on the cake, and the people going to the party were late so i had to keep julton occupied in the street for another 30 minutes... which is quite difficult if you realize he only had 1 hour of sleep at work in the hospital the night before.

but it was all worth it. we ate cake and i dont think anyone noticed the icing... and i shared with julton my birthday gift- i made an uber cheesy video ( which i could NOT have done without the help of my friend Katy ) of pictures, with an uber cheesy song if you translate it into english. but they like that kind of stuff here, so it went over well. ive included for your viewing pleasure some photos that i put into the video, and the song... although the actual video isnt there, i thought that might be a little too much cheese for you. so im sparing you. but you have todo cambio by Camila, a photo we took during a "hurry ive got food for you at the emergency door, so you can eat lunch then run back to work" moment, a very creative heart julton designed from the hormigas (ants) we ate one night "who else in the world would make you a heart from ants?? who??" he asked..."and then eat them!" i added in my mind... and a picture from the first day we met. sweet, huh? :)

im 24, hes 24, christmas is coming, his internship is almost over, and we are approaching noramalcy. one day eventually we will finish a night early because we are just old and not because hes tired from working 36 hours the day before. one day... somewhere.... out there.



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