03 November 2009


this milk... in various brands has become one of my best friends... we started our relationship over the fact that there was no half and half on the shelves of the local any grocery store around. i was disappointed until i noticed that everyone was using evaporated milk in their coffee.

a little unrelated but still on the subject of milk... the year before i moved to peru i was drinking pretty much solely soy milk. im not really sure why. i had nothing against real milk, but i liked the soy. well, after arriving here in trujillo and after some time i realized that i had unknowingly haulted all milk drinking whatsovever with the small exception of the milk in my coffee. to add to it the yogurt is drinkable yogurt not spoonable yogurt... the cheese a little less of a variety... so i got picky about my yogurt and my cheese and realized that i wasnt getting any calcium. that habit has slowly fixed itself as i have become a fan of the fresh cheese (its a litle like feta) and am in love with mantecoso cheese. i also got used to the whole yogurt thing and the local bodega guys nearly hand me a bottle of vanilla when i walk in because i get it so often. the milk on the otherhand took me a while to fix. i realized i wasnt drinking milk because i just didnt like it. it has a lot of preservatives in it and just a strange taste. buuutttt... with time... i met leche de baca... the cow milk. isnt all milk cow milk you might ask me? no i reply, not all milk is entirely cow milk. so i made friends with this lovely lady on a street corner who sells fresh milk each day, and i buy my milk from her... boil it down to clean it.. and im drinking more milk now than i think i did my entire life. its good. im still not sure if shes one of the ones that water down the milk to sell more, but if she does i cant tell.

back to the evaporated... ive been spending more time with Julton and his sisters lately around dinner time and lately theyve been drinking a lot of milk. i hadnt seen the process of the milk into the cup until one day when i got the milk for dinner too.... and realized.... that it was a cup of hot water with some evaporated milk thrown in... and practically a cup of sugar if you are Julton, or normal amount you would put in your tea or coffee for the rest of us. i think my mouth fell open when i saw the girls add the milk to hot water, id just never seen that or drank it before.

im a fan.

yes its my new nightcap.

no, i didn't have a nightcap before, but thats not the point.



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